Vehicle Repair Services in Urbana, IL

Ron's Truck & Auto is a full service auto repair shop for your car, truck or SUV. We also provide repair and maintenance services for motorhomes and boats.  Our repairs including a 24 month, 24,000 mile TechNet warranty.  Call to schedule a repair today.

Repair Services for Your Car ,Truck or SUV

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Oil & Lube

Oil and lube service includes oil change, lubrication and air filter replacement.


Muffler & Exhaust

Our experts can replace metal exhaust, mufflers, tailpipes and converters.


Tires & Alignment

Change and rotate tires. Adjust your vehicle's alignment.



Replace batteries and repair your vehicle's electrical system.


Belts & Hoses

Replace belts and hoses that are worn, cracked or leaking.


Brakes & Pads

Replace brakes and calipers. Turn rotors to remove excess material. 


Shocks & Struts

Replace your shocks and struts with quality parts from Monroe.


Air Conditioning

Troubleshoot and repair your cars heating and air conditioning system.


Engine & Transmission

Repair or replace your engine, transmission or drive train. 


Drive Axle

Repair issues with drives, axles or transmission.


Fuel Injection

Fix issues related to the fuel injectors and carburation system.


Computer Analysis

Diagnose, analyze and repair your vehicle computer system. 

Motorhome Repair & Maintenance

We can make repairs on your motorhome or recreational vehicle (RV).  RV Mechanical Systems Repairs include: AC Units, hydraulic systems, suspension, generator and engine repair.

Regularly scheduled preventative maintenance will help you reduce emergency breakdowns. Winterization services are available if you intend to close your motorhome down until the spring.


motorhome rv repair maintenance
boat maintenance
Boat Maintenance

Contact us for repair and maintenance of your boat. Our service includes boat motors and winterization of ski boats, fishing boats, pontoons, jet skis and boat trainers.