Computerized Engine Analysis & Diagnostics

Modern engines are highly sophisticated. Federal exhaust emission and fuel economy regulations demand that today's vehicles be equipped with electronic engine control systems designed to curb carbon emissions and increase fuel efficiency.

With technically-advanced control systems taking the place of simple engine components, common maintenance services such as tune-ups are also a thing of the past. Regular services such as spark plug and filter replacements are still required, as well as a computerized analysis of your vehicle's control computer. Our factory-trained technicians are here to provide these services.

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Modern Vehicle Control Computers

A network of sensors and switches convert and monitor engine operating conditions into electrical signals. The computer receives this information and commands are sent to three different systems: ignition, fuel, and emission control.

Whenever a problem arises (as seen by that nagging "check engine" light), our service pros check whatever command is prompted, in addition to the status of your engine control computer and sensors. That way you'll know if your vehicle's performance is caused by a real problem, or just a sensor/computer issue.

Vehicle's sensory components

Here are a few common components that often need to be replaced to get your car, truck or SUV running smoothly.

Mass airflow sensor

Throttle position sensor

Manifold absolute pressure sensor

Coolant temperature sensor

Exhaust oxygen sensor

Crankshaft position sensor

Camshaft position sensor

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