Air Conditioning Service & repair

Schedule an appointment with one of our knowledgeable, trusted professionals. We understand all aspects of vehicle AC repair, from modern computerized components to environmental disposal concerns.

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Fix Leaks and Add Coolant

Today's AC systems are fairly complex.  Over time your vehicle's cooling system can develop leaks. Our expert auto technicians can quickly identify and repair your AC at a great price.

Replace worn or loose fittings

Fix or replace rubber hoses

Replace worn out O-rings

Add or Recharge freon or other coolant

AC System Repair

As a professional heating and cooling repair service, we can tune up your car's AC system to ensure your filters are free from debris, mold, pollen, and other contaminants and only deliver the cleanest air possible.

Additionally, we check for worn out or broken components in the air conditioning system. Bringing your vehicle in to be inspected by an auto AC repair mechanic will ensure your air conditioning system is running smoothly and free any electrical problems.


Color detail with the air conditioning button inside a car.
Compressors, Condensers, Receivers (Drier), valves and Evaporators

Sometimes key components need replaced in your vehicle's AC system. Compressors are belt driven devices that act as a pump. Condensers cool the refrigerant by radiating heat. The receiver stores the refrigerant and absorbs moisture while also filtering debris that can harm your AC system. These "driers" get dirty and often need to be replaced.

The orifice tube and expansion valve regulates flow of the coolant through your air conditioning system.  It converts high pressure refrigerant from the condenser so it can enter the evaporator. The evaporator removes the heat and reduces humidity. Evaporators can sustain damage from harmful acids and may need replaced.