Fuel Injection & Fuel System REpair

Diagnose, repair and replace fuel system parts including fuel injectors, fuel pump and the computer controls.

fuel system repair
Fuel Injector System

Your vehicle fuel systems controls how fuel travels from the tank to your engine's fuel injectors. The system controls the air and fuel mixture to optimally combust upon spark and power your vehicle.  Components of your fuel injector system include:

Engine control unit (ECU)

Fuel injectors

Fuel tank

Fuel pump

Fuel system wiring harness

Fuel filter

Fuel System Repair

Because the filter, pump and fuel injectors are all part of an interconnected system, dirt and debris can clog one part of the fuel system. This can lead to damage with other engine parts, which can quickly lead to deteriorated performance or complete engine shutdown if not regularly maintained.

We have the diagnostic tools, for most makes and models, to identify failed components and can repair most during the same visit.  Our technicians can troubleshoot a starting issue or help you get optimum performance and fuel efficiency.

fuel injectors and pump